Album Review GRAVE MIASMA Endless Pilgrimage

Grave Miasma cover artwork

GRAVE MIASMA “Endless Pilgrimage”

Sepulchral Voice Records

Well, I heard about these guys before, but this is my first encounter with them, although I know they released some EPs and a debut album, short after they changed the name from Goat Molestör.

Coming from London, England, these guys forged an excellent five tracks EP of obscure death/black metal with tons of ritualistic references and morbid guitar lines. All tracks have an evil spirit, and definitely they transmit authentic death metal genre. I liked this recording because it denotes people involved in extreme metal music for many years, and all tracks contain superlative structures with excellent tempo changes and arrangements. Also, everything is tied with high doses of complexity and atmospheric elements. These are long tracks, with distinctive sections, and you will find them singular, as each one is eclectic but with personality. Also, I have to mention the peculiar and cathartic vocalist Yoni Ben-Haim who did an excellent work, with huge knowledge of the genre. All in all, this is a great addition for your personal collection, if you are into the darkest and venomous side of death metal genre. – Victor Varas

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