Album Review RAGEHAMMER The Hammer Doctrine

Ragehammer cover artwork

RAGEHAMMER “The Hammer Doctrine”

Pagan Records

Excellent!! This is one of the best pieces of black/thrash metal I’ve heard lately. It sounds raw, rancid, with killer guitar riffs, deadly bass guitar lines, and apocalyptical vocals.

Coming from Krakow, this band features Tymoteusz Jędrzejczyk who is currently the vocalist of legends Exorcist, and I’m very impressed due the high quality here. All tracks share the same vertiginous mood, and punkish spirit, which denotes people composing under alcohol effects (hehehe!!) and these guys really know what they want! Influenced by old Hellhammer, and old thrash metal bands from Germany, this horde created an excellent debut album with thick roots in 80’s extreme metal. I liked it a lot due the corrosive recording sound and honest guitar riffs. My favorite track is “Wróg” which is a remarkable piece of Armageddon sung in native tongue. As aforementioned, here you will find fast rhythm guitars, poisonous bass guitar lines, powerful drum structures and cathartic vocal lines. Simply you can’t miss this one. – Victor Varas

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