Album Review ANGEL DUST Into the Dark Past Re-issue

Angel Dust cover artwork

ANGEL DUST “Into the Dark Past” (Re-issue)

Under Fire Records

Again, thanks to Jose Luis Cano and Under Fire Records, we can hear one of the hidden jewels of Germanic thrash/speed metal from 80’s: ANGEL DUST’s debut album.

Actually, first two albums of the band are supposed to be now rare metal collectibles, so this is a great opportunity to meet this piece of metal history. Coming from Dortmund, Germany, in the early days the band forged an extremely aggressive form of speed/thrash metal with references of the classic sound of Germanic metal style in 80’s. Of course these guys also showed thick roots in NWOBHM in those years, and they created excellent guitar riffs with holocaustic structures in the debut album. Back in the time, people appreciated the real essence of fast metal, with crude guitars and hyper-cathartic vocals. This album is a great example, and definitely should be considered as one of those gems of speed metal genre from 80’s. The CD includes the demo “Marching for Revenge” released in 1985, and three live tracks, in 1988. As aforementioned, this is a great opportunity to get into early years of an extraordinary band, which lost its way when they returned, somewhere in the middle of 90’s, and oriented their music to a metal progressive flag. For those who worship old, fast and provocative metal music attack from Germany, this is highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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