Album Review PLUTONIUM Born Again Misanthrope

Plutonium cover artwork

PLUTONIUM “Born Again Misanthrope”


Certainly this is my first encounter with the entity, and for what it seems to be called “industrial Black metal” genre. On the third full length album, this one-man band composed excellent tracks forged in chaotic but solid guitar riffs and obscure structures.

Coming from Karlskoga, Sweden, J. Carlsson is the mind-master of the project which has one of the best personalities (musically speaking) I’ve heard lately. I liked this album because all compositions have excellent guitar arrangements, although it features synthetic drums, I can hear fresh and clear ideas here, and I bet this would sound excellent with live musicians. Also, this guy adds some experimental elements and bizarre sounds in specific moments, and this enriches the concept in a good (really good) way. This is one of those black metal albums you have to listen twice and carefully, as you find new elements and progressive structures every time. If you ask me, track “Confessions of a Suicidal Cryptologist” is my favorite one; it includes poisonous guitar riffs, excellent musical arrangements and killer vocal lines. For those who are interested in one-man projects with singular sound, modern elements and solid roots in classic extreme metal music from the North of Europe. Great artwork here, btw!! – Victor Varas

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