Album Review GOD DISEASE Doom Howler and Abyss Cathedral

God Disease cover artwork

GOD DISEASE “Doom Howler / Abyss Cathedral”

“South from Here Records”

Dude! It seems like this guy is going to vomit black blood in the microphone! This is totally stinky death metal with strong influences from North Europe old school, like Abhorrence, Convulse, Entombed, Carnage, etc. but these musicians added high doses of doom metal and slow parts, with atmospheric elements.

Formed in 2010, this rotten entity released a couple of EPs full of dark density and solid death metal. Actually, this CD brings both EPs and shows what’s about their work. All tracks contain obscurity and morbid disaster, and you will notice roots in old school from 80s. Of course they added an own personality and created deadly hymns of destruction. After many line-up changes (guitarists) the band found what seems to be a definitive, and that’s good as they will mature even more as musicians. If you ask me, song “Sepulchral Swamp” is the masterpiece of the CD, and it sounds cryptic, epic and almost hypnotic, with excellent guitar lines and classy death metal structures. This is a great beginning for what seems to be a highly talented band from Helsinki, Finland. Keep an eye on them!! – Victor Varas

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