Album Review SOLOTHUS No King Reigns Eternal

SOLOTHUS cover artwork

SOLOTHUS “No King Reigns Eternal”

Doomentia Records

Holy shit! This is another masterpiece from the Finnish horde, and definitely one of my favorite releases this year. We are talking about an explosive and extremely well done death metal album forged in black fire, obscured guitar riffs and hyper-cathartic vocals.

All tracks contain slow parts with ominous guitar lines and macabre atmospheres, but the essence of doomed death metal genre is particularly incisive, as the music is composed with metallic spirit and old school influences. These guys know exactly how they want to sound, and included (literally) tons of guitar arrangements in the whole album, which gives a solid personality to the opus. Also, I liked because they want to present something authentic, with slow parts, mid pace parts and holocaustic sections, but it’s away from copycats. All rhythm guitars sound fantastic and create truly black atmospheres with stinky elements. My favorite track is “The winds of desolation” which is divided in various sections. This one contains morbid guitar lines and completely rotten growls. Just listen to the heaviness in the guitar solo and die!! It’s highly recommended!! – Victor Varas

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