Album Review UNHOPED Sonic Violence

Unhoped cover artwork

UNHOPED “Sonic Violence”

EBM Records

Wow! This is an authentic bomb of thrash metal. Following the old tradition of bands like Exodus, Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Slayer, (old) Metallica, etc, these Finnish guys forged a quite good second album with thick roots in violence, catharsis and high doses of beer.

All tracks sound excellent, as everything is tied with rabid guitar riffs and very good production. Actually, you will notice a large experience in the genre, in every note, but I liked how these guys found an own sound into chaotic miasmas. Also, guitar arrangements are awesome, with class. Guitar solos are fast, epic and denote great technique. Of course they don’t want to add anything to the classic sound of the genre, and also seems like they have good fun behind rehearsal room. But these young musicians are doing well, and composed a really good album full of distinctive songs and punkish attitude. I’m crushed with the album and I’m sure many of you will be the same, if you are into thrashmetal genre with no “modern” or fake elements. – Victor Varas

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