Album Review ZEALOTRY The last witness

ZEALOTRY cover artwork 2

ZEALOTRY “The last witness”

Lavadome Productions

Well, it’s one of the most complex, atmospheric and putrid death metal albums I’ve heard this year, and I think they are in the point where they found the formula to create an own sound, which is rich of dark elements and chaos.

After “The Charnel Expanse” album, these guys from Boston composed a dark piece of ultra-dark death metal with high doses of complexity and chaotic miasmas. Don’t expect here technical shit (although they have high musical skills) this is pure chaos with distinctive guitar lines and extremely well-conceived concept of morbidity. All tracks contain solid doses of obscure guitar riffs and abyssal gutturals. No doubt it’s a kind of intricate death metal that captures the reals essence of dark music and doomed states of mind. For those who followed the band since the beginning, this will not disappoint you. They do real death metal music with classic essence and new peculiar elements, and that’s the point. It’s excellent! – Victor Varas

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