Album Review DO Tuho

Do Tuho cover art

DÖ “Tuho”


It’s another well-known band here in my desk. I reviewed a sludge EP in 2014 and you can read it here. Carrying solid influences from Black Sabbath guitar riffs, and creating dense atmospheres of what is called “Stoner rock”, these guys released an excellent piece of heaviness and obscurity here.

It seems like they composed even more stoned and drunk (hehehe!! Good!) and all tracks carry a very heavy weight of doom metal and psychedelia. Of course you can name various old bands like references, but these guys know how to transmit distinctive states of mind, and everything is based in truly epic structures. My favorite song is “Ex Oblivione”, which captures the essence of NWOBHM mixed with superlative guitar riffs in an epic trip; it’s homage to the roots of the band. On this album you will hear slow and morbid songs, rabid vocals and a particular perspective of extreme metal music, with high doses of putrefaction, cathartic sections and what seems to be improvisation. It’s highly recommended if you are obsessed by obscure, mysterious and authentic bands from the North of Europe. – Victor Varas

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