Album Review EYESTRAL Beware the Rat King

EYESTRAL cove rartwork

EYESTRAL “Beware the Rat King”

Arkhann Records

For some reason this band reminds me Russian legend Aspid, due the peculiar style of vocalist Ant Majora. Coming from Normandy, France these guys released a very interesting EP with seven tracks.

This is nothing less than progressive thrash metal with tons of guitar arrangements, aggressive vocals and hypnotic structures. It calls my attention due high octane guitar riffs and obvious references to 80’s American big names. But you will not hear copycats here, as these guys added some “modern elements” that gives a particular personality to the sound. Anyway, the roots in old thrash metal genre and progressive metal remains intact, and these guys added truly complex elements here and there. Honestly, I can’t say if I liked vocals, but I’m sure some of you will worship. My only complaint is the middle section at track “Shifted” which sounds a bit out of tune (if my hairy ears don’t mistake) … and the “funny funky” intro in track “Gloom at its finest”. As extra info, these guys included a very acceptable cover version of song “Scavenger of Human Sorrow” original from legend Death, and sounds really good. It’s another band that you should keep your eyes open. – Victor Varas

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