Album Review NECROT The Labyrinth

Necrot cover artwork

NECROT “The Labyrinth”

Tankcrimes Records

I remember some years ago, these guys sent me a copy of the demo-tape “Necrot”, and I really liked it due high octane metal of death contained. You can read the review here.

After that, they released a couple of demos and finally, this compilation with the three works. Coming from Oakland, California, these guys captured the essence of 90’s death metal wave in USA, and added high doses of morbidity and chaos to all tracks. Actually, everything is forged with excellent guitar riffs, full of putrefaction, and makes homage to old glories of the genre. Of course we can hear the evolution of the band since the very first demo in 2012, but they keep the sound through the years and you will find crudeness and massive putrefaction in every note. My respect is for the band, which knows what about underground death metal and keeps the flame alive. This is a purest form of death metal music, with thick roots in underground scene, and the essence is intact! – Victor Varas

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