Album Review AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR Crushed by Tyrany

Aggressive Mutilator cover art


Iron County Records

Holy shit!! Duuude!! Of course I remember this Swedish entity. Some years ago they sent me a tape which is reviewed here, and they really impressed me due the simplicity, with high octane atmospheres and rancid spirit in the most primitive side of old metallic music.

This duo makes homage to dark beasts like Sarcofago, Hellhammer, etc. but they add good doses of punkish attitude on every single note. This tape includes a compilation of early demos from “Skull Torture”, “Crushed By Tyranny” and “Gutpuking/Satan’s Hammer” EP, and I must say that they don’t modify the style in nothing. Actually, all tracks are crude and forged in absolutely punkish spirit, and these musicians created excellent guitar riffs with painful structures and cathartic vocals. According to bio, this tape is released in 111 copies only. Go and get yours before is too late, if you are true fan of rancid metal from North of Europe. – Victor Varas

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