Album Review AGRESIVA Eternal Foe

Agresiva cover artwork

AGRESIVA “Eternal Foe”

Minotauro Records

This piece of metal will call your attention if you are and old skull, and if you are into thrashmetal genre in the vein of Bay Area, especially if you are fan of old Anthrax (Joey Belladona’s years).

Coming from Spain, these guys created a fantastic thrash metal album with good influences of aforementioned style, but definitely they added an own sound, if you know what I mean. All tracks have high doses of technical rhythm guitars, but they simply don’t abuse. They composed very well balanced songs with metallic spirit and political themes. Actually, it’s a shame for me to hear the song called “Hell Town” (which is in Spanish version too) because it contains explicit references of Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, and definitely is not fun for me. Anyway, this album recovers the good glories of the genre, and have excellent moments, like guitar solo in “The End of game”, or middle section in “Eternal Foe” (what a piece of speed metal we have here!!). This is highly recommended for collectors of good bands with the real essence of thrashmetal genre. My only complaint is that vocalist Samuel hardly reaches high pitched parts. Note: this album was self-released originally in 2012. – Victor Varas

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