Album Review GORGOSAUR Lurking Among Corpses

Gorgosaur cover artwork

GORGOSAUR “Lurking Among Corpses”

Memento Mori

This is a great piece of carnivorous and extremely rotten death metal coming from Sweden. Formed in 2013, this stinky entity released a demo in 2014 which contains three excellent tracks in the vein of old big names from the North of Europe.

This time they are back with a very good debut album full of high octane guitar riffs and a peculiar seal. It’s nothing less than a female/male duo that created horrific and putrefactive death metal, with high doses of complexity, morbidity, and the real essence of Swedish death metal. I liked it because everything sounds “direct to the bone”, and both of them sing. But this is not “Beauty and the beast” metal band. Absolutely not! These guys have the ancient knowledge of death metal genre, and deliver excellent cathartic growls, with guts and power. Also, all tracks share the same spirit of bloody massacre in tupa-tupa miasmas. My favorite song is “The Antropophagus” which denotes people involved in death metal music to the bone. This album is highly recommended to old skulls of course, and as far as I know, the label still is one of the best in the genre nowadays. Go and get it! – Victor Varas

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