Album Review IRON FIRE Among the Dead

Iron Fire cover artwork

IRON FIRE “Among the Dead”

Crime Records

It’s another veteran band that I never listened. This year they returned with an very solid album forged in power metal and heavy metal. Of course you will find a lot of references here, as they are totally into “mainstream” sound.

Also, I can say they use the same formula of modern power metal, with high doses of epic riffs, excellent guitar arrangements, and superlative post-production. Somehow these guys remind me last albums of Rage, without the acrobatic guitar solos, if you know what I mean. Also, if you ask me, this is an excellent album of European Power metal, with tons of melodic stuff, and epic moments ala old Running Wild, Iron Maiden, etc. And that’s it. As aforementioned, the band uses the same formula and musical structures that surely you have heard before. Sadly these are the moments when I remember why I stopped follow a large list of power metal bands. Anyway, I don’t want to spoil the soup by saying they are bad musicians. Nope, it’s a good power metal album and I’m sure some of you will be interested. – Victor Varas

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