Album Review VIBRION Bacterya

Vibrion cover artwork

VIBRION “Bacterya”

Xtreem Music

This is my first encounter with the entity which is supposed to be one of the first death metal bands in Argentina. Now relocated in Europe, these guys under the command of Luis Guardamagna, released a really good album.

And it’s nice to see how the band grows up since they composed hyper complex and high octane guitar riffs in the entire opus. We are talking about a death metal band that started in 1992 or something, and they have huge experience in this business. You will find definitive holocaustic death metal tunes, tied with high doses of morbidity and devastating structures. This is one of those bands that recover the essence of the genre, but they added a particular and personal seal to everything, so you can notice extremely well matured compositions and a complex personality, musically speaking. Also, I liked these excellent guitar arrangements here and there, it seems like they have influences in Polish death metal and balanced doses of modern elements. For those who are looking for great death metal band with distinctive sound, this is for you. – Victor Varas

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