Album Review ADHUK Rituals of Personal Universe

Adhuk cover artwork

ADHUK “Rituals of Personal Universe”

Black Plague Records

This is supposed to be the continuation of a Polish band in late 90’s called Algor, and no doubt it is, as everything here delivers high doses of dense black metal atmospheres.

Of course, this duo knows the sound they are looking for, and created a superlative album full of cold guitar riffs and painful vocals. All tracks have high influences of Nordic old entities, but these guys added some epic touches here and there, and the most important: they kept the spirit of metal music in the whole album, with singular atmospheres and structures. I liked how they composed truly horrid atmospheres with keyboards, like in track “Stride with the shadow of Death”, which gives a particular perspective of the genre. All in all, this is a great black metal album with excellent production and great concept. It’s highly recommended for those who enjoy misanthropic jewels from European underground scene. – Victor Vvaras


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