Album Review AGGRESSOR Bury your Idols

Aggressor bury your idols cover artwork

AGGRESSOR “Bury your Idols”

American Line Prods/ X Reviews

Finally is the turn of this young band that has increased musically speaking, every time I hear a recording. Coming from Cuernavaca, Morelos, these guys started under the name of Mandra (excellent demo in 2010, btw) and they’ve been working hard with thrashmetal genre to become better and better.

Of course this album has obvious references to Bay Area bands, in the 80’s, but somehow the band adds a peculiar seal to the whole concept. I must say I’m quite impressed due excellent guitar riffs composed here; also, the recording is clean and direct to the bone. Also, its seems like vocalist is huge fan of Dave Mustaine as his style sounds similar, like in song “Black flag”. The title of this album reminds me a lot an old punk/hard core band called “Kill your Idols” from New York. I’m pretty sure these guys know about it, because I noticed deep roots of punk attitude in the whole album. I liked how they included some dialogues from distinctive movies, here and there, and in general it’s a thrash metal album very well-conceived. Also, they included a cover version of “Johnny be Good”, called “Johnny B. Bad”, which sounds really excellent!! Hahaha!! Very funny I must say too. It’s highly recommended!!- Victor Varas

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