Album Review WOLFHOWL The purity of mother nature

Wolfhowl cover artwork

WOLFHOWL “The purity of mother nature”

War Productions

Only from time to time I find jewels like this in Black metal genre from European underground scene. This is a one-man band with a big potential, as he composed one of the best EP’s I’ve heard lately this year.

Coming from Ionian Islands, Greece this guy captured the essence of black metal genre with high doses of melancholic stuff and obscured states of mind. Of course he has many influences to refer, but I liked this piece of darkness because it keeps metallic spirit among high octane guitar riffs and musical skills. This sounds metallic and absolutely epic, if you ask me this is almost primitive, but the composer knows very well the genre, and added doses of heaviness to specific moments, like middle section in song “The Great Mountain”, or the opening section in “Mother Nature’s Revenge”. Actually, the recording sounds great. Far away from becoming a trendy “weather-report band”, the name of this EP contains thick roots in what seems to be a huge inspiration: Mother Nature. This contains only four tracks, but all are good enough to show what’s going on with the band. And believe me, this is very well conceived. It’s a great black metal release so far, and I’m sure Mr.Faethon will show more brilliant work very soon. – Victor Varas

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