Album Review DARK FOREST Beyond the veil

Dark Forest cover artwork beyond

DARK FOREST “Beyond the veil”

Cruz del Sur Music

Excellent!! What a piece of shinny and strong heavy metal is here! After last album “The Awakening” (read the review here) in 2014 this English band returned with a new recording which can become a classic in some years.

This is high octane heavy metal, forged in the most traditional and melodic side of the genre. You will not find weakness here; this band has strong roots in NWOBHM and they know what they are talking about. Everything is composed epic melodies, solid guitar riffs and an excellent sense of good taste, musically speaking. Also, I really liked these twin guitars and complex structures in the whole album, which gives a distinctive perspective for the sound of the band. Of course they are very influenced by many sources, but they handle a good balance between classic sounds, neoclassic elements and modernity. The result is a gem for European heavy metal nowadays. Despite the obvious references of some classics, this band has an own personality and I must say I’m quite impressed due the quality of these compositions. For those who are hunting real gems in heavy metal genre from Europe, you simply can’t miss this one. – Victor Varas

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