Album Review MAUSOLEUM GATE Metal and the Might

Mausoleum Gate Metal and the Might cover artwork

MAUSOLEUM GATE “Metal and the Might”

Cruz del Sur Music

Well, there goes another band trying to sound old deliberately. And you know something? They are really good!

I’ve been listening to this two tracks EP “7 a lot, and in the beginning I confess that I hated it, as it sounded a bit trendy and a bit “too much vintage”. But that’s a good signal (I suppose) because after three or four listening, it turned to me like an avalanche of incandescent metal. It’s another band I met some years ago, and you can read the review here. Certainly, these English guys have big influences from NWOBHM, Angel Witch, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, etc. but they also added good doses of mystery and 70’s sounds, like progressive rock, Hammond keyboards, and solid structures in background. This is traditional heavy metal with roots in obscured rock and a dense atmosphere of mystery surrounding all. The vocalist V-P Varpula made a superlative work with a very solid and peculiar style, like operistic or something, and of course this gives an acid personality to the band. Also, the work of keyboardist is really characteristic, as it seems like he is fan of the sound of Jon Lord. Actually, I get in a contemplative state of mind when I hear every hypnotic element here. This is highly recommended for those who worship obscured heavy metal with thick roots in 70’s rock and so. My only complaint is that they only included what seems to be a Single here, as a short example of what is coming up in next album. Whatever, this is excellent! – Victor Varas

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