Album Review PORTA DAEMONIUM Serpent of Chaos

Porta Daemonum Serpent of Chaos cover artwork

PORTA DAEMONIUM “Serpent of Chaos”

Iron, Blood & Death Corp.

This sounds chaotic, brutal and extremely morbid. And it’s exactly you can expect from a Chilean entity formed with members and ex members from bands like Praise the flame, Ammit, and Gorhoth.

Originally named as Porta Salomoniis, these guys have been active and released singles and demos since 1999 or something. Of course they know about extreme metal music, and they created a great debut album like a demolition machine, as drums sound extremely fast and deadly. Also, they add high octane doses of bestiality which enrich these compositions. This is forged in extremely chaotic, noisy and destructive structures, hyper saturated distortions and cathartic growls. Everything is so massive and bestial that you will worship chaos immediately. Of course, this band has roots in obscure metal genre, and they know how to deliver solid atmospheres full of bad blood. If you ask me, the result is quite excellent because the recording sounds direct to the bone and without make up. Also, this album is almost lack of guitar solos, and the only two I can hear extremely fast and technical fingers, in the song “A las primordiales serpientes del caos” and in “Under the Sigils of the Fallen Angels”. No doubt this is an excellent piece of chaotic and solid death metal from the South of America, and it’s highly recommended if you are into classic morbid death metal. –Victor Varas

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