Album Review STRANGULATE Catacombs of Decay

Strangulate cover artwork

STRANGULATE “Catacombs of Decay”

Transcending Obscurity Distribution

This sounds brutal, violent and with high doses of blood on every note. Of course, this is not bad at all for a young band that presents a debut album.

Coming from Kolkata, India, this duo has composed a quite complex and stinky death metal album, highly influenced by American school, although you can find some taste of Polish school here and there. I really like this CD because everything is highly influenced by thick roots in classic death metal, but the band added an own sound with high doses of brutality, solid blast-beats and technical structures in specific moments. Also, the entire album sounds quite professional and with good production. This band underlines musical arrangements all the time, but with good taste so, you will not be boring after three songs. This is a great album composed from a very peculiar perspective of violent death metal, and certainly is another good meeting of Indian metal scene. If you see this one, pick it, its highly recommended.- Victor Varas

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