Album Review TERROR CHAOS FORCE Island of Doom

Terror Chaos Force album artwork


Metal Ways Records

I didn’t know absolutely anything about this band, and it’s a shame because easily it can become one of my favorite Mexican thrashmetal releases. This is from the mastermind José Luis Juárez (Ancesthor) and I’m really impressed due high quality of thrash/speed metal here.

It seems like on this album he composed and recorded everything, but as live musicians he has Luis Fernando and Gabriel (Ancesthor) on guitars and Chávez (Acrania, ex Strike Master) on drums. All tracks are composed with high doses of metallic spirit, and everything is complex and very well-conceived. I really liked this one because, the band keeps strong the essence of punkish attitude, and definitely they know about thrash metal genre, as they also add a particular perspective. Of course they have many roots in distinct sources, mainly Bay Area thrash metal, crossover style, and hardcore music. But this is a band that composed truly distinctive material, and once you hear first notes, you will know what they are talking about. Also, they add literally tons of musical arrangements (just listen to middle section of “Against the Iron Jaws”) and definitely put this piece of metal into a higher level, full of complex elements, technical sections and excellent taste. My total respect to this guy, who knows exactly how he wants to sound and he is not fooling around.

As extra info, the cover art was drawn by famous Ben Wootten. – Victor Varas

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