Album Review BOOZE CONTROL The Lizard Rider

Booze Control cover artwork

BOOZE CONTROL “The Lizard Rider”

Infernö Records

Well, this is made of pure fucking steel. On the third album, this young band delivered a really good piece of heavy metal, seriously. It’s superlative HEAVY METAL that keeps the original spirit of the genre.

This band has obvious references to old bands from the 80’s in Europe, with high doses of NWOBHM sound (in the vein of early Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Angel Witch, etc) effective musical structures, and epic melodies. This album contains literally tons of musical arrangements, mainly in guitars, and almost all melodies have an exquisite taste of Germanic heavy metal, if you know what I mean. My favorite song is “Metal Frenzy” which contains excellent rhythm guitars, solid musical arrangements and very cool atmosphere of traditional heavy metal that reminds me the old glories of the genre. Of course, there are some details to fix here and there, but it’s nothing the band can’t do. This piece of shiny heavy metal is next to become a gem of Germanic underground scene, and I’m sure they will offer more and more quality in next years. This is a highly recommended CD, and you should follow since now! –Victor Varas

As extra info, in track “Rats in the Walls” they invited Jackie Slaughter (Skull Fist) on a guitar solo.

Read the review of second álbum here

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