Album Review ETERITUS Following the Ancient Path

Eteritus cover artwork

ETERITUS “Following the Ancient Path”

Godz ov War Productions

After a very solid debut EP “Tales of Death” in 2014, these veteran guys released a really good debut album, composed with destructive guitar riffs and doses of complexity, here and there.

Coming from Torun, Poland, this is a band formed by ex-members of old bands from the underground like North, Croque Mort, Kalot Enbolot, and definitely they know about extreme metal music. All tracks here are forged in absolutely powerful death metal, highly influenced by Scandinavian sound. You will hear a good balance between technical structures, frenetic guitar riffs and melodic lines. Everything is surrounded by morbid atmospheres and high quality recording. Guitars are tuned low as hell, and the result is heavy as fuck. Of course this band didn’t invented something new to the death metal genre, and almost all the album is not something I hadn’t heard before, but I admit that everything is on its place and they included excellent arrangements in all instruments. This is a good album though it seems like the best is yet to come for the band. We will see. – Victor Varas

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