Album Review FIVE MINUTES HATE Explanation to Failure

Five Minutes Hate album artwork

FIVE MINUTES HATE “Explanation to Failure”

Buil2Kill Records

No doubt melodic death metal has a remarkable evolution lately, and I admit there are some interesting bands in the new European wave, though I must say I’m not very into that genre.

This case is quite interesting because the entire album is literally composed with tons of musical arrangements, and rhythm base is awesome. Coming from Piedmont, Italy, these guys forged a very decent debut album highly influenced by old names from north of Europe like Dark Tranquility, At the Gates, etc. All guitar riffs are perfectly matched in very complex structures and seems like there is a lot of work behind rehearsal’s door. As I said before, normally I don’t listen to melodic death metal bands that include many “modern” elements, as I reach a moment where everything sounds the same on every song, but these guys definitely they composed a very good album rich of guitar riffs, complex sections, and cathartic growls. My favorite song is “After the storm”, which has an exceptional work in harmonies and guitar arrangements. For those who follow the most melodic and technical side of death metal genre, this is for you. Old skulls with alopecia: just stay away! – Victor Varas

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