Album Review PSYKOSIS Welcome to the Psyko Ward

Psykosis cover artwork

PSYKOSIS “Welcome to the Psyko Ward”


Yep, here we go with another young band of thrashmetal that composed a really good album debut. This time we move on the map to Dublin, Ireland, where these guys created a very destructive and solid thrashmetal with excellent guitar lines, fast structures and a peculiar vocalist that sounds like an angry grandma: rabid, dirty and punkish.

This is a great album, and is more than many I’ve heard lately, as it combines the old style of Bay Area with corrosive musical arrangements. It seems like the musicians have high skills, as everything sounds clean, fast and very well-conceived. Also, all songs has obvious references to the old school of the genre, but this band knows what is doing, and added doses of a personal style. Of course this band knows where they are standing, and they don’t add anything to the genre; maybe it’s only a particular sense of humor as we hear a line from the movie “El Castillo Maldito”, where this guy Larry Lawrence compare zombies with Democrats. (I can’t believe I know this sort of things, hahaha!) Anyway, it’s a great debut album, recommended for those who follow the new wave of thrash metal around the globe. Keep an eye on them! – Victor Varas

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