Album Review VENEMOUS In Presence of Evil

Venemous cover artwork

VENEMOUS “In Presence of Evil”

Under Fire Records

Well, this is nothing but a great piece of aggressive and destructive thrashmetal album, here. After debut album released in 2013 (read the review here), these guys returned with a five songs EP, and I must say that they have already defined a quite distinctive satanic thrashmetal.

All tracks contain excellent riffs based in the most frenetic side of the genre, and they know what they want as everything sounds very well tied. Of course they have roots in old beasts of the genre, but it’s truly a satanic war machine with solid base, cathartic vocals and metallic spirit. My favorite track is “Evil Forces” which best represents what the band is going through. Some musical arrangements are awesome, here and there, and sinister keyboards at the end of the song work very well. Certainly this is a band that doesn’t care about trendy thrash metal worldwide, although you may find clichés in the entire album; also they are not reinventing anything, musically speaking. But we are talking about a superlative band that is growing huge experience in the nowadays Mexican scene. These five songs EP will become a classic soon. Highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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