Album Review BLOOD RED THRONE Union of flesh and machine

Blood Red Throne Cover artwork

BLOOD RED THRONE “Union of flesh and machine”

Candlelight Records

Damn!! After 8 high quality albums and thousands of miles in Tours, I think this Norway entity doesn’t have the attention it deserves. And I’m glad to know that these guys have already forged an own sound, quite influenced by classic death metal in USA, among other rotten and brutal roots.

This is nothing less than a quite corrosive form of death metal with obvious references to old bands like Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, etc. This album has high doses of cannibalistic guitar riffs and apocalyptical structures, with good technical background. Of course, the roots in brutality are thick, and you will notice some modern elements here and there. I really liked all tracks because of high octane guitar riffs and superlative music arrangements (bass guitar solos are awesome!). Also, vocalist Yngve “Bolt” Christiansen recorded very good growls, like an insane demon. Certainly, this is a band that adds a personal touch to brutal death metal, but they take the best of volatility from old musical roots. The importance of this Nordic piece of putrefaction is that it shows a very mature band with high musical skills behind rehearsal room’s door. This is highly recommended if you follow the steps of brutal metal bands from the North of Europe.

As extra info, this album includes a very decent cover version of “Leather Rebel”. Yep, from Judas Priest. This sounds really good, actually!! –Victor Varas

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