Album Review EPIDEMIA Leprocomio

Epidemia Lepricomio Cover artwork

EPIDEMIA “Leprocomio”

Satanath Records

Wow! This is an excellent album forged in corrosive and destructive death metal genre. Certainly is the first band from Ecuador reviewed here, and I’m really satisfied because of high octane structures, with roots in classic death metal bands from USA, and good doses of brutality in the entire album.

Coming from Quito, Ecuador, these guys composed a really good second full length album, drowned in superlative guitar riffs, complex structures and fast atmospheres. Of course they have good experience and they know what’s about modern death metal sound. The recording sounds clear and direct to the bone, and I liked it because the band delivers bad blood and great songs with Spanish lyrics. This is a band that has obvious references to old names in death metal genre from USA, like Immolation, Canibal Corpse, Suffocation, and they make an appropriate homage to the classic sound, but it seems like they’ve found a personal seal, and that’s something really hard to get nowadays. My total respect for this band, not only because of high caliber production, it’s also for the excellent compositions and musical arrangements in all instruments. This sounds destructive and it’s highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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