Album Review NOMINON Chaos in the Flesh…Live!

Nominon cover artwork

NOMINON “Chaos in the Flesh…Live!”

Hexed Cemetery

I can’t remember when was the last time I reviewed a “live” death metal album.  It’s supposed to be risky because of many factors concerning in audio, in live concerts.

This case seems to be different because the band recorded a really good show in Death Kills Festival, in Stockholm last year, and all tracks denote a very well tied band, indeed. After 5 full length albums, and literally tons of EPs and Split releases, this Swedish institution decided to take a break. This is supposed to be the first “live” album and surely you will enjoy if you worship the work of the band through the years, and you didn’t have the opportunity of attend a live show. Of course this cassette format is homage to tape-trading years, which the band and specially Juha Sulasalmi was part of, and not only shows an honest band, it also denotes respect to old metalheads who follow classic death metal from Scandinavia. The cassette contains 11 tracks, which is the real set list for the shows last year, plus a cover version of “The Hammer” (original from Motörhead”), also recorded in a 7” Split vinyl, with Spanish band Graveyard.

As extra info (and very important) for this cassette, the mix and master was done by Javy Bastard, and it features cover artwork from César Valladares. – Victor Varas

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