Album Review PROLL GUNS Horseflesh BBQ

Proll Guns cover artwork

PROLL GUNS “Horseflesh BBQ”

NRT Records

In spite these Austrian guys are miles away from Texas and the entire south of USA, they composed a very decent album with good roots in so called “Southern rock-metal” style, and include many elements to complete the scene, like banjo sounds, revolvers, bottles of whisky, skull of a cow, etc.

Yep, these are the clichés used in the style and definitely we have a gang that loves it. These guys call their style “Rock ‘n’ Western Roll Metal“. This was forged with tons of rhythm guitars, stoner music, and a superlative spirit of rock n’ roll, so you can imagine the high influence from Black Sabbath, for example. Also they add punkish elements and inclusive, sleaze rock elements, here and there. I liked this one because it seems like they really have had a good time in rehearsal room, and don’t give a shit what people say about style. This is the real essence of rock n’ roll music and I respect for it. All tracks have the same spirit of aggressive rock n’ roll and I must say that the sound of guitars is awesome. If you ask me, I think they created a great album, but they don’t innovate anything, as they go for the fun and alcohol. You have the last word.

As extra info, this album contains a cover version of “Lookin’ out my Backdoor” original from Creedence Clearwater Revival. Not bad at all! – Victor Varas

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