Album Review ANTABUS EP




Metal music never stops, and no matter if a particular genre is over-saturated, there are many bands out there that can surprise our ears with only two songs.

This is the case of Antabus, a thrashmetal band from Imatra, Finland. After three demos since 2013, this is an EP recording with only two original songs and a cover version of “Poliisi pamputtaa” (original from a Finnish old band called Eppu Normaali) they show high caliber, very influenced by old names from Bay Area, as well as crossover sounds, and punk music from 80s. Of course you will find high octane guitar riffs, classy structures and excellent vocals, which truly remind me old American bands, but I admit that they added heavy charge of technical stuff and complex stuff, here and there. These guys really got me with great songs ala Annihilator, Anthrax, Death Angel, etc. For now, this is one of the most promising bands I have reviewed in this blog, lately. I’m pretty sure this EP will become a gem soon. Highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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