Album Review BLACK TORMENT Catacomb of Blinding Blasphemies


BLACK TORMENT “Catacomb of Blinding Blasphemies”

Deathrash Armageddon

Holy shit! Now I know why this is one of the best black metal acts in Mexico. It’s terrible to say that black metal genre is dying, as definitely, this is a perfect example of good bands revitalizing the scene.

Coming from Tepic, Nayarit, these demons have many (I mean, MANY) productions carrying on the shoulders, since 1998 or something. It seems like they worship old school of extreme music industry, as they’ve been very into split releases, tapes, vinyl, etc. This CD is really good, and delivers a penetrative smell of punkish essence. All tracks contain high doses of rancid guitar riffs and vertiginous structures, and you will hear a great band formed by musicians with mature ideas in black metal genre, without falling in childish mistakes. Also, you will find a cover version of “Shemhamforash” (original from Gran Belial’s Key) with excellent “epic” parts and true evil spirit on every corner. This is a band with a large experience in underground Mexican scene, and they don’t have to demonstrate nothing to nobody. They have a very respectable place in Mexican black metal, they deliver dense atmospheres quite influenced by old big names like Slayer, Hellhammer, Sarcofago, but they know how to forge an own personality, and that’s really good. I appreciate this band, and I highly recommend it if you are fan of the most caustic, rabid and punkish side of black metal genre. – Victor Varas

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