Yes, of course I remember the band Violent Devoties, from Austria. They sent me an excellent album of brutal and obscured death metal, some years ago. This time I have in my mail box a new incarnation, by vocalist Gerald Valentin (aka Reverend Necrolust) and it worth every cent.

For those who think that death/thrash metal does not have the same spirit nowadays, you should listen to this EP. Certainly it’s nothing I haven’t heard before, but this is a band with quite mature ideas and excellent performance in extreme metal music. All songs have high octane guitar riffs and distinctive structures forged in violence and holocaustic atmospheres. Recording is crude and direct to the bone, so you can feel every instrument in front of your face and straight to your skin. I liked this EP because there are many punkish elements surrounding the music, like cathartic vocals, poisonous distortions with a lot of noisy amplifiers feedbacks, and noisy mix at the table. Also, this EP has many superlative moments musically speaking, like middle section in “The Necromancer’s Punishment” and chorus section in “The Seven Plagues of Necrocalypse”. It’s a really good debut for these veteran musicians. With a new beast forged in aggressive guitar riffs obscured atmospheres, I’m sure we will receive more relevant news soon. No poses, no childish mistakes here, just the essence of necrotic metal music at its best. – Victor Varas

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