Album Review ON-OFF Borderline


ON-OFF “Borderline”

Buil2Kill Records

This is a great Italian band of soft and melodic rock n’ roll and it’s highly influenced by hard rock genre, AOR, and heavy metal. For moments this reminds me old albums of Extreme, Warrant, Poison, etc, so you know what is about this album.

All tracks are created with good melodic lines, excellent musical arrangements and fresh ideas; although I admit I’m not very into this kind of rock music, I enjoyed most of all songs. Actually, this is not a band hang in old school of hard rock music. I say it’s a gang of friends playing what they really like, and seem to have good time in rehearsal room. You should catch some “modern” elements here and there, and the most important aspect: these songs have personality, all of them. No matter which music genre I review on this blog, I really respect a lot these bands that have an own sound, and do not compromise with anything, as this is just rock n’ roll. It seems like these guys are veterans with two or three albums in the past, but they also have good taste in melodic stuff and the entire album has excellent moments of it. My recommendation for this album: open a can of beer and clean your motorcycle in the garage with full volume on the CD player. – Victor Varas

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