Album Review ZAMAK The Dark of the Sun


ZAMAK “The Dark of the Sun”

American Line Prods

After 20 years active in Mexican underground scene, this band has become an institution of extreme metal genre, and I’m glad to know that they are preparing new material for upcoming full length album.

Coming from Mexico City, Antonio Ruiz and Co. had learnt many lessons about floating the boat of a death metal band. One of them is definitely letting go good elements of the projects, and taking charge of new duties. After vocalist’s Ruben departure, Antonio just handled the microphone and tied stronger the band. This short EP is the result and a good example of how is the new sound and personality of the band. We have four tracks of melodic, ultra technical and ultra-violent death metal, with literally tons of guitar arrangements, complex structures and the real essence of the most corrosive side of the genre. Two tracks are new and show a very well tied band, with excellent guitar riffs ala early Dark Tranquility, micrometric notes and good taste in solos, highly influenced by Chuck Schuldiner. Last two tracks are actually new versions of songs extracted from previous albums. My favorite is song “Die in solitude” originally released in album “Empire …the violence”, now with much better production, some guitar arrangements here and there, and new vocals of course.

This is a great Mexican band that has matured a hell a lot, and now they have accumulated invaluable experience in different scenarios. I hope someday they get the attention they deserve in Mexico. – Victor Varas

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