Album Review DEATHFUCKER Fuck the Trinity



DEATHFUCKER “Fuck the Trinity”


Well, I didn’t expect such a furious and evil thrash-metal music on this three songs demo. Everything is chaotic, crude and extremely provocative.

Coming from Italy, these guys have been involved in previous projects before, including different metal genres like thrash metal, death metal and hardcore metal. Of course they know about destructive guitar riffs and straight to the point music. On these three songs they abused musically speaking, with fast guitars, rude drums and cathartic vocals. Damned! This is absolutely rabid and punkish, and delivers some fantastic moments like guitar solo in “Intoxication of the soul”. All tracks reflect odium to Christianity, and musically speaking it recalls me GG Allin having a bad day with blood in his face. There you have it: another new band with an excellent demo, and I’m sure it’s going to present a fantastic debut album soon. Keep an eye on them! – Victor Varas


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