Album Review GAMA BOMB The Terror Tapes


GAMA BOMB “The Terror Tapes”

Metal Ways Records

Well, I will try not to sound like a “true” metalhead (hahahaha!), but seriously I lost my interest in this band when they signed with Earache Recs, about 10 years ago. And honestly it was because I remember seeing this logo everywhere in T-Shirts, patches, caps, pins, stickers, like a disease.

Later we knew that it was a “thrasher revival” around the globe, and I don’t criticize it, it’s just that the essence of the genre almost disappeared and turned into a trend. Anyway, this piece of holocaust is great because MW Records brings a new edition for those who missed the original one, and it’s like a refresh of the sound of the band. Although it still has references to old bands from USA, these guys forged a very particular personality with fun, creativity and tons of musical arrangements. Of course you will find thick roots in the past, but no doubt the band reunited an excellent line-up for recording this album. All songs have killer guitar riffs among fast and destructive structures. They added some crossover style elements here and there. Also, I liked the work of vocalist Philly Byrne, as he has a very distinctive metric and his throat is tuned in non-common range. Definitely this is a band that doesn’t add anything in particular to the genre, but everything is on the right place, and the sound has a big personality. It’s highly recommended only if you really worship thrash metal bands with the essence of old glories of the genre.

As extra info, on this edition the label added three songs from “Terrorscope” EP including the Spanish version of song “Terrorscope”. Great! – Victor Varas

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