Album Review IMPERFECT SOULS Necro Bestial




Some years ago I made some good trades with vocalist/guitarist Lucas Dias, who also runs “Under the Eternal Flames Fanzine”. Eventually he sent me a demo of his band, and later a split called “Blasphemy Alliance”, and I really liked it because it shows a good black seed configured in obscured thrash metal and antichristian lyrics.

Time flies, and now I’m here with a debut full length album in my hands and I’m seriously impressed. Coming from Minas Gerais, Brazil, and this damned trio compose a very respectable album with black/thrash metal elements, incisive death metal breath, and aggressive touches of bestiality. It’s a CD with roots in old traditions from entities like Vulcano, Sarcofago, (old) Sepultura, Chakal, (early) Bathory, etc, and seems like the band is formed by people that has been active in extreme metal music for a long time. All tracks denote the black essence of fast guitar riffs as well as primitive structures, but performance is fine and sounds direct to the bone. First four songs sound really good, with excellent production and crude like fresh flesh. Last five tracks seem to be extracted from previous releases and re-mastered. All in all, this is a very promising band with great ideas forged in chaotic and painful songs. Support! – Victor Varas

No official contact here. I guess everything is via traditional mail.

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