Album Review NIGRUM Mors Nox Regina


NIGRUM “Mors Nox Regina”

Black Saw Records

It’s morbid, grim, chaotic and extremely dissonant. These are the first words coming to my mind after I listened to the first track of this Mexican necrotic beast.  Founded in 2015, this dark entity reunites veterans from different bands like Haborym, Inferna, Mordskog, and this genius multi-instrumentist guy from Shadowgrave, Jacobo.

Of course this is an act forged in the black flames of black metal genre, and this debut album is a totally respectable piece of destructive music. All songs have excellent structures and musical arrangements, which denotes people involved in extreme arts for a long time. I liked because everything is very well tied, and you can hear obscure elements consecrated in occultism. Also, this is a band that reveals a particular personality on stage, and I have been witness a really infernal performance as openers of Greek beast Varathron, some months ago. Certainly, this is nothing I haven’t heard before, but definitely this is music created with the essence of obscurity and worship to ancestral necromancy. Fortunately, these musicians are more influenced by themselves and their own musical background than big names of the genre, although all tracks have reminiscences of old chaos and references of black metal bands from the North of Europe in the 90’s. A newborn beast must be revealed soon and surely is going to be a gem. For now, get this CD and enjoy it. – Victor Varas

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