Album Review ONSLAUGHT Power from Hell


ONSLAUGHT “Power from Hell”

Metal Ways Records

Again, we have the pleasure to review such a gem from the 80’s, thanks to MW Records. Especially this piece of metal, that influence defined the early works of many bands, like Exodus, Slayer and Metallica of course.

Coming from Bristol, UK, this is a name that started has a punk band, with raw stuff and direct lyrics. After many demos they decided to turn a bit the style and released this piece of aggressiveness and unmerciful speed metal, in 1985 or something. Here you will find hyper fast and deadly guitar riffs in most of all songs, and I must say that everything is surrounded by an obscure atmosphere, full of satanic essence, long before black metal genre’s success. Also, recording is direct to the bone, like a lash in the back. No over-produced sounds here. Guitar distortion is crude and rude, like old punk’s recordings, so you can imagine this is not for weak ears. Of course there have been many re-issues in different formats of this album; this Mexican edition is for collectors, and it was re-mastered by Jacob Hansen in Denmark, includes two bonus tracks (one of them is classic “Power from Hell”, and sounds totally different from the original, but still excellent!) Also, it has notes from the band, Splicase case, and patch. All in all, this is a great opportunity to collect a gem from the past. Support!  – Victor Varas

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