Albune Review BARUS EP




This is an excellent four tracks EP, coming from France. Everything here is ultra-complex, obscured and poisonous, but these guys know exactly what they want, and compose great songs with high octane guitar riffs and deadly vocals.

Formed in 2015 this is a band that doesn’t really care about conventional structures in music. All songs have high doses of progressive elements, and denote experience in classic death metal, as you can find some oppressive atmospheres and morbid riffs here and there. Also, I must say that everything has some touches of modernity, with good taste, for example song “Disillusions” which is a well-conceived piece of progressive death metal. If you ask me, these guys have roots in the most morbid and obscured death metal from early 90’s, and they composed a good balance between complex structures, heaviness and holocaustic atmospheres. I liked because they dare to break almost all conventional atmospheres and musically speaking is awesome. For those who still believe in creativity in Death Metal, you should give a chance here. – Victor Varas

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