Album Review HOWLING GIANT Black Hole Space Wizard


HOWLING GIANT “Black Hole Space Wizard”


Duuude! It is authentic stoned music, made of pure solid guitar riffs and a corrosive spirit in adrenalized vocal lines. This piece of golden rock contains four long songs composed in cosmic atmospheres, hypnotic guitar solos and excellent concept under the flag of progressive rock in a weird form.

Coming from Nashville, Tennessee, the band has made clear that they are into eclectic references from bands like Black Sabbath or Electric Wizard, to Alice in Chains and Red Fang. All tracks have the same vibe of vintage rock music, with superlative melodies in distinctive states of mind, like a trip into a cosmic subconscious. This is the kind of albums that deserve to be listened more than two or three times, as you always will find new elements, and new details here and there. The combination of different musical roots is unique. As aforementioned, all tracks contain hard melodies and great instrumentation with pinkfloydian guitar solos, some Hammond keyboards in specific moments, and the purest essence of stoned music with heavy atmospheres. I’ve been listening to this the last three days (especially song “Clouds of smoke”) and I’m still really hooked on it. It’s highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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