Album Review LEGIONS OF WAR Honour to the past


LEGIONS OF WAR “Honour to the past”

Infernö Records

I have different feelings about this CD. On one side, I’d definitely prefer fresh music in a new album, because these guys know very well about their thrash-black metal style, and they have released really good pieces of destruction in the past. In the other hand, this is nothing but high quality homage to the roots of heavy metal with class.

This CD features cover versions of Judas Priest, Gary Moore, Stormwitch, Mötorhead and W.A.S.P., and all of them have very good things, and unfortunately some other details I can’t stand. Of course, all songs are faster than the originals, but the vocalist decided to use his thrash-aggressive-metal voice here. The result is almost well done, except for when it sounds like a squawk or something. I think it was really painful for him to record these high pitched gutturals. Anyway, the band sounds really tight and solid, as they’ve been active and constantly have been recording new material, all these years. I have no favorites on these five tracks, as I know them very well in original versions and I know that the band made a good effort to print a personal style. Also, it’s very risky to release a versions album, and definitely they recorded a really good work, spite some details aforementioned. After this album, I hope they will sit in rehearsal room, open some bottles of beer and start to write the new album. I’m waiting for it. – Victor Varas

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