Album Review MAZE OF TERROR Ready to Kill


MAZE OF TERROR “Ready to Kill”

P-18 Records

This is extremely fast and deadly, and I can’t expect less from this Peruvian death machine, as they showed us a really explosive thrash metal in previous debut EP “Skullcrusher”, some years ago.

All tracks here are made of pure violent and volatile guitar riffs, very influenced by the grainy side of Teutonic thrash metal, like Kreator, Destruction, a bit of old Mekong Delta, etc. I liked very much this piece of holocaust because all songs are forged in ultra-fast structures, punkish vocals and the essence of underground scene of those who has worshiped this genre for years. Also, these guys know about chaotic atmospheres, but they add good taste and very good guitar solos. This is an album that delivers good doses of chaos, holocaustic lines and solid ideas in epic moments, like final guitar solo in song “Gilles de Rais”, and excellent middle section of song “Worlds dead side”. The production is clean and direct to the skull, and I liked how they care about little details, without falling in rockstar pretentions. All instruments have good musical arrangements, with crude distortions, phenomenal drums and incisive bass guitar. This is next to become a gem in Peruvian underground scene. It’s highly recommended! –  Victor Varas

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