Album Review MORTAL PESTILENCE Universal Hatred


MORTAL PESTILENCE “Universal Hatred”

Metal Ways Records

This is another deadly attack of Aztec thrash metal at its finest. Everything here is aggressive, powerful and extremely well done. Coming from Naucalpan, Edo.Mex, this entity was founded in 2012 under the name of Mortal Plague.

Of course they have thick roots in old names of Bay Area’s thrash metal scene, among other influences from the North of Europe, but these guys know about aggressive metal music, and almost everything is composed around explosive drum parts and excellent guitar riffs. On vocals we find an old metal warrior called Alex Camacho, from bands like Xipe Totec, Anoxia, etc, and he did a really nice work with a violent style ala Max Cavalera. All tracks here sound holocaustic and chaotic, but denote high skilled musicians as well as good criteria for musical arrangements. Drummer Daniela Pacheco recorded a very solid base, and I would say that she is even better than some rockstars I know around here. Also, the band is tied as fuck, and it seems like they have spent many hours in rehearsal room, not only drinking beer. This album includes a cover version of classic song “Arise”, from Sepultura, despite some details in rhythm guitars, everything sounds amazing. Support the new blood of Mexican metal warriors! – Victor Varas

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