Album Review WILDERNESSKING Mystical Future


WILDERNESSKING “Mystical Future”

Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions

Well, finally I can review a band from South Africa on this blog. Formerly known like HEATHENS, this band is been active since 2010 or something and they really have excellent ideas under the line of atmospheric and mystique black metal style.

They are based in Cape Town, South Africa, and everything surrounding this album is drowned in dark aura and superlative structures, highly influenced by progressive rock and technical stuff. Actually, all tracks sound really complex, with post-rock elements, and denote high musical skills. Also, the entire album has tons of arrangements in all instruments, which shows really professional and solid line-up. This is one of those surprises that you will find in underground metal scene, and this time it belongs to South Africa. With solid songs, extraordinary concepts in darkness and oppressive lines, and an unique sound forged in the most interesting perspective of depressive and grim black metal music I’ve heard lately, this album is one of my favorites of the year, ‘till now . It’s highly recommended if you worship bands like Agalloch, Moonsorrow, etc. – Victor Varas

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