Album Review ARCHITYRANTS Black water revelation


ARCHITYRANTS “Black water revelation”


According to the info, this Brazilian beast has been active since 1998, when they used the original name “A Tribute to the Plague”. They released various demos before a debut album in 2003, or something, and then they changed the name to ARCHITYRANTS.

Coming from Curitibá, Paraná, the band produced this new album in 2011, and I must say I’m very impressed due high quality guitar riffs and eclectic doses of heaviness on each song. This is nothing but a great piece of heavy-doom metal with excellent “epic” parts, operatic vocals, and good roots in the dark essence of the genre. Of course everything here has references to bands like Candlemass, Solstice, Solitude Aeternus, etc. But these guys have forged a very respectable and distinctive style.  I liked how they created dark atmospheres through creepy structures and solid guitar arrangements. A truly charismatic vocalist gives a very interesting personality to this epic piece of heaviness, along oppressive guitar riffs and sacral choruses, here and there in specific moments. This is an album that takes you into a cosmic travel, deep in your subconscious, and you will enjoy it in the dusk, with an open can of beer in your hands. It’s another recommendation for those who worship the genre, yes sir! – Victor Varas

PS. Thanx to Tersis (new lead guitarist) for the trade!

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